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  Formally know as "The Pilates Fitness Center" is under new direction offering a  fuller schedule of classes, duos and privates. We are looking forward to guide our clients in workouts true to the philosophy of the great master Joseph Pilates, embodying his vision and keeping an eye on the developments happening in the wellness/fitness field.

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Robert Araiza, Co-Owner


 Robert Araiza is a Navy Veteran, as such he developed great understand of technology helping La Quinta Pilates setting up its presence on the web. Robert is always overlooking the whole organization and administration of the studio and is always willing to help with anything. As one of the studio investors Mr. Araiza is looking forward to support the studio and its staff to succeed, although he is not looking to became a Instructor at all he is always accessible to our clients for the solution of any issue, helping them to achieve their goals.

Carmen Rabelo, Co-Owner


 Carmen Rabelo grew up in a family of seven siblings that were very active, she has always been involved in sports in her youth, as she matured wellness and fitness became part of her life style. As a young lady Carmen was elected Miss Puerto Rico – Philadelphia and as such she was always looking for opportunities to be a good example and inspire people to chose better for their health. Her passion for helping people, lead her to a career on the medical field as a Medical Assistant. Currently Mrs. Rabelo is pursuing a Nurse degree and will use this background to help her in her training as Pilates Instructor under her husband, Eliezer Rabelo. Carmen will soon be teaching classes at La Quinta Pilates, as for now she plays a very essential role behind the scenes on the organization of the studio. She is looking forward to start helping the clients reach their goals 

Carmen Araiza, Co-Owner



Carmen Araiza grew up in a family of seven siblings that were very active. Been a military wife she had the opportunity to experience various cultures, making easy for her to relate to people. Mrs. Araiza has a background in Taekwondo, giving us an idea of her level of energy. Currently Carmen is the President of a large organization for woman in the Hemet area and cities on that vicinity. Part of her work is to build conscious of how woman should take care them selves physically, psychological and spiritually. Carmen has amazing organizational skills making her presence essential to La Quinta Pilates. She is also undergoing training to become a Pilates Instructor under Eliezer Rabelo, and is looking forward to help the clients to achieve their goals.

About Us

Eliezer Rabelo, Co-Owner/Teacher



Eliezer "Eli" Rabelo has been teaching Pilates since 2007 and received his Pilates certification through BASI.

He has over 20 years in the performing arts field and is a professionally trained dancer, and has performed principle roles with the resident company at Amazon Opera House and several ballet and modern dance companies in Brazil and USA. He developed dance and pilates curriculum to different institutions , and founded studios dedicated to the arts including Cia. Ballet da Barra in his hometown Manaus-Amazonas- Brazil. He has studied with many Masters in Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz and Voice. Eliezer studied Pilates with many teachers and credit the majority of his knowledge of the work to the great Master Karen Clippinger.

Mary Fran Dion - Instructor



As a young girl Mary Fran enjoyed tap, ballet, jazz, baton and gymnastics which transitioned into cardio sports. She currently is an avid golfer and runner. Realizing the importance of having a strong core, back and lean muscles, Mary Fran took her practice of Pilates, from a leisure activity to a passion for teaching it to others to live a healthy, flexible lifestyle. She received her teacher training through Pilates Education Institute while studying at The Pilates Fitness Center in La Quinta, Ca. As every great professional Mary Fran is always looking for opportunities to better herself in her teaching, she is currently part of our Staff of amazing teachers at La Quinta Pilates.

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